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PC News / RSS - 1 year ago

The Failure of DirectX 12

It seems I was for the most part right. DirectX 12 has been largely a failure. Here’s a link: http://wccftech.com/project-cars-dev-dx12-improve-performance-3040/ Project CARS developers have been quite open about the development of the game. They h...

PC News / RSS - 2 years ago

One Man’s Bullshit

If the previous title was to point out the hype is embedded in the procedural generation tech, as a sort of baggage it carries and continues to be pervasive along the years, this time it’s about very specific and very deliberate bullshitting. http:/...

PC News / RSS - 2 years ago

World of Warcraft and its paid game designers

I suppose the quotes speak for themselves. I’m linking what I was writing on forums in 2014 (but also long before that, I just don’t care enough to dig deeper), and Blizzard, in 2016, finally get that kind of trickle-down insight too. http://www.qua...