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No Man’s Scam

I’m discussing this on the forums, so I thought I would write something here too. The important thing is that what applies to this game is going to happen again and again. Here’s a schematic approach to how to judge “No Man’s Sky” and understand the...

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I found this comment on Diablo-style loot. You know, Blizzard’s secret sauce. Because it’s more exciting and you always have the feeling that the next item will be better. As opposed to getting a Longsword +3 and knowing that no matter how many ene...

PC News / RSS - 2 years ago

World of Warcraft and its paid game designers

I suppose the quotes speak for themselves. I’m linking what I was writing on forums in 2014 (but also long before that, I just don’t care enough to dig deeper), and Blizzard, in 2016, finally get that kind of trickle-down insight too. http://www.qua...